RODGG: Sim 4: Garrus!!!

Hey guys!!! So I think you are going to get sick of me soon and I hope that is true (: You guys are awesome and I love all of you.

Alright so I have told some people that I have downloaded a Mass Effect family with all the works in the Sims 4.  That included Garrus and crew.

I had a sim teenager that wanted to woo Garrus later in life and this happened.

TS4_x64 2015-12-09 20-00-51-37.pngTS4_x64 2015-12-09 20-01-22-23.png

Yeah she was sad since she was too young for the stud Garrus.  Since Garrus was totally flirting with the old lady……I know!!!

So I downloaded the mod from modthesims for teenagers and adults to have a “relationship”. You can find the mod here ->

This leads to to adorable Simself to Garrus being a couple.  I will add screenshots here!

I will add more if you guys like 😀

,…….hint they might get married 😀


Let me know your opinion and it might happen 😀

Love your guys input!!!!!!


Happy weekend!!!! Hope you guys liked the post and until next tyme <4!!!


Trinket Tuesday…Kinda: Busy Busy Busy

Hi Hi Hi Hi!  Life, school, and work has been busy!!! But I have some time to update you all on everything I have been doing.  Like most of the population of gamers I have been sucked into Fallout 4.  Yes that game is awesome and you should buy it as soon as you can, like yesterday.  I’ll post some screenshots of my gal kicking butt, but also I got something related to Fallout.  This bad boy…well actually Pip-Boy ;D


That thing is soo effing cool, but it is not easy to wear while playing (though I really did try :D).  Though if you want the convenience of the Pip-Boy right by you, you could download the app on a phone or tablet and use that on the side, totally possible and super duper awesome.

Alright time for some screenshots from Fallout 4 of my awesome character.  Hope you enjoy! Until next time <4

Fallout4 2015-11-10 20-38-21-54Fallout4 2015-11-13 21-46-30-49Fallout4 2015-11-13 21-46-34-19Fallout4 2015-11-13 21-45-26-55Fallout4 2015-11-13 05-49-53-76Fallout4 2015-11-11 20-46-29-18Fallout4 2015-11-14 19-02-17-95

Fallout4 2015-11-14 19-40-57-72

Winky Fayce ;D

Fallout4 2015-11-14 20-02-33-76Fallout4 2015-11-14 20-02-31-46Fallout4 2015-11-14 20-02-44-06Fallout4 2015-11-18 20-25-50-10


Gamer Girl Withdrawals Update…Sorta

Hey everyone!!! I have miss you so much!! I’ve been out of town visiting my parents and then I went to a rock festival in Louisville. OMG so amazing, great music and food!! I went to Louder Than Life, check out their website here!  So I have been thinking of new ways to make this blog more fun and I have one idea that I think would be awesome 😀 Keep a look out for it, and I hope you guys will enjoy it as much as I know i will.  I plan to do a sneak peak/trial of that next week to get your guys input on it.  Wooo being part of the process.  So you will need to let me know if it is something that you would want to see more of.

I will now leave you with a screenshot of me and my Australian friend.  We are basically Bonnie and Clyde 😀


Hope you enjoyed this update! Until next time <4

Mini Update: Today’s My Birthday!!!!!

Hello everyone!!!! As the title suggests today is my birthday!! Yay!!!! So I’m going to go to an arcade for my birthday, I’m super duper excited for that.  So when I get back from my mini-vacation I’ll post something about that.  Just wanted to give a quick update, but here is an adorable picture of my mabari hounds dressed up for my birthday <4

Until next time <4