Trinket Tuesday: Garrus!!!! <4

Hey guys!!!  So today I did a teaser tweet on the this post I was going to do today.  If you are not following me on Twitter, well you better change that you silly pyjacks and you can do that right here! Alright on to the good stuff ;D

So I’m sure you have heard of the site If not, it’s basically a marketplace of many handcrafted goods that people create….with their hands.  I like to think of it as a classy e-bay.  Why do I bring up etsy, well since I got this bad boy ;D from there.


I mean look at him!!!! He is so soft and adorable…… I mean very rugged and manly….who am I kidding he is the daymn cuteness overlord!

So you must be thinking to yourself where can I get one of those, and etsy is the place and KotoriesLittleShop is where you want to go.  The direct link to the Garrus plush of love is here!

I have added him to my plush collection 😀 He looks sooooo happy! I think he’s got a thing for the companion cube ;D


Alright, since we are on the topic of Garrus I wanted to share a site that has great drawings of Garrus and other awesome things!

That would be Engineerista’s Art. You can see, and purchase, her awesome drawings on basically anything you want here! Why am I mentioning this? Well besides that her drawing skills are magical (I’ve seen it happen!), she has this great deal to get your own Space Boyfriend body pillow! And if you pre-order in the next couple days you save 10 dollars!! I am getting one 😀 So join the cool crowd and get one too! While you’re at it follow her art on Twitter in the tweet thingy below and check out here deviantart here.

Well that is all that I have for you guys today 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Until next time <4!!


Trinket Tuesday…Kinda: Busy Busy Busy

Hi Hi Hi Hi!  Life, school, and work has been busy!!! But I have some time to update you all on everything I have been doing.  Like most of the population of gamers I have been sucked into Fallout 4.  Yes that game is awesome and you should buy it as soon as you can, like yesterday.  I’ll post some screenshots of my gal kicking butt, but also I got something related to Fallout.  This bad boy…well actually Pip-Boy ;D


That thing is soo effing cool, but it is not easy to wear while playing (though I really did try :D).  Though if you want the convenience of the Pip-Boy right by you, you could download the app on a phone or tablet and use that on the side, totally possible and super duper awesome.

Alright time for some screenshots from Fallout 4 of my awesome character.  Hope you enjoy! Until next time <4

Fallout4 2015-11-10 20-38-21-54Fallout4 2015-11-13 21-46-30-49Fallout4 2015-11-13 21-46-34-19Fallout4 2015-11-13 21-45-26-55Fallout4 2015-11-13 05-49-53-76Fallout4 2015-11-11 20-46-29-18Fallout4 2015-11-14 19-02-17-95

Fallout4 2015-11-14 19-40-57-72

Winky Fayce ;D

Fallout4 2015-11-14 20-02-33-76Fallout4 2015-11-14 20-02-31-46Fallout4 2015-11-14 20-02-44-06Fallout4 2015-11-18 20-25-50-10


Trinket Tuesday: Lithograph!!!

Hello everyone!!! I have missed you all dearly!  School and work lately have really been kicking my butt.  I’m starting my second year of grad school and it’s getting rough.  But I have been posting some stuff over at Tumblr (check it out HERE), since I am having a concentration in Social Media, I’m trying to get used to all the platforms.  So I thought I will show you what I have on my walls and I have been dying to show this to you guys but I didn’t have all of them yet.  But now I finally have all of them… well I am still waiting on a Lara Croft one, but I’m getting impatient.

So I’ll not bore you any more and get to it. Here you go, here is my lair <4 (Click all the pics for better looks)


Here are the links for the ones that are still on Bioware’s store:

Female Inquisitor


You can get the lithograph here:
Meet the team


Here are the links from top to bottom:


Most of the things on my bookshelf are from the wonderful place of LootCrate,

Hope you guys enjoyed my post!! Until next time <4!!

Trinket Tuesday: Necklace :D

Hello my lovelies (: So I have not been purchasing as much awesomeness that I used to.  I am going to start saving up my monehs for… well I’m not quite sure.  Though there was a trinket that I purchased a few weeks ago that is now finally here 😀

You can get the Moon Pendants Dragon Age Gray Wardens Necklace Symbol Logo Pendant Crest Jewelry Custom Necklace Gifts HERE 😀

This is seriously gorgeous 😀 This was just a quick update, been busy with school and work, and some time to play Mass Effect 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed my quick post! Until next time <4

R.O.D.G.G.: Kinda Trinket Tuesday & Blogging101 Day 2

Hey everyone!! So today is day 2 of the Blogging101 and it deals with the title and tag line of my blog.  I have to say that I am perfectly content with my title and tag line, since it describes what I am about.  I am a girl gamer that cannot get enough of video games and I love to ramble on here while slightly intoxicated, which is just how I roll.  (Hence the R.O.D.G.G [Ramblings of a Drunk Gamer Girl]) 😀
Let me know what you think of my title and tag line 🙂 Feedback is always welcomed, I’m always willing to learn.

Alright time for the kinda Trinket Tuesday, since it’s not things I bought video game related, but It goes back to my birthday weekend.  Last year we went to Chicago for my birthday as well, but it was for a concert with Linkin Park.  It was awesome!! At the hotel there was a bell hop/valet that drooled over my boyfriends car (Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited 2011) and we chatted with him for awhile.  After we parked our car and when up to our rooms, that guy was on our floor, it was random and cool.  Chatted again and he gave us a voucher for free appetizers for the bar in the hotel lobby.
So fast forward to this year, we’re staying at the same hotel, and I was wondering if the same guy still worked there.  It wasn’t until Saturday night when we were walking in the lobby towards the elevators that we walked by someone that looked like him, so I mentioned it to Nick and he immediately made a u-turn and went to see if it was the same guy.  Turns out it was and he was wondering if we were the same couple he saw last year.  So we chatted and he found out it was my birthday and asked for our room number.  Didn’t really think much of it since we just came back from the bar and I had a few to drink.  So we go up to the room and we were brought cupcakes and a bottle of wine.  It was so awesome!  So before all this we ordered pizza to be delivered to the room.  It was seriously the best meal ever!  I have rambled enough, below are the pictures from the bar we went to and the wine & cupcakes and seriously one of the best pizzas you will ever have.

Here is the pizza place. Giordano’s is seriously amazing.  If you are ever in Chicago, please go there, you will not be disappointed.

20150828_174905 20150829_215131 20150829_215059

We found this awesome tavern to go to; seriously awesome, the bar waitress remember us 😀
I loved the cheese fries, and the jalapeno poppers were okay, but those cheese fries!

20150828_184603 20150828_190610

Here is the wine and the cupcakes that I got as a present for my birthday! They were all soooo good!!!  I cannot wait to go back to Chicago and Brookfield for food and video games.  Two of my favorite things 😀


Hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time <4

Trinket Tuesday: Jewelry!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to another Trinket Tuesday 😀 This week we are going to go over some awesome loot that I have managed to scrounge up.  One of my favorite things is picking what rings, necklaces, and belt my character needs to wear.  It usually takes so long to figure out which ones to use since they each have their own perks, so then it usually depends on what kind of character I am and what play style is being used.  So how could I resist when I could have some for myself 😀

Here are a few that I have been able to collect so far.  I’ll leave you with some pictures of each of them and links on where you can buy some of your own if you like.


Mass Effect:
Paragon Renegade Stud Earrings

Paragon Renegade Medallions


In One Ear and Out the Other


Dragon Age:
Grey Warden Signet Ring


Dragon Age:
Grey Warden Heraldry Badge Pin


Dragon Age:
Grey Warden Necklace

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Until next time <4

Trinket Tuesday (on Wednesday): Plush!!!!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to this week’s Trinket Tuesday!!! Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, but I was waiting for a certain item I wanted to share with you guys that came in the mail today.  As you guys know I have a side table of loot and it now it is covered with many plush and the all mighty Garrus.

Here is my Side Table of Loot now <4


I absolutely love each of my plush.  I’m going to need a larger side table soon it would seem.  Now it’s time to meet the team.

The Team

Alright, that’s not the correct team I’m referring to, though that lithograph can be found HERE! I will eventually make a post of my lithographs once I get them all and finally hang them all on the walls.

First here is Ser Growls-a-Lot.  He was my gateway drug into the wonderful realm of the plush ❤
They are currently out of stock at Bioware here. Though if you use your rogue skills you may be able to pick one up here.


Next we have the absolutely adorable nug named Squeakers.  You could probably guess why he’s named Squeakers. That’s right, this cute thing freaking squeaks!! They are currently out of stock in both locations, though you can add them to your wishlist here or here.


Next is the leader of the plush, my wonderful Barkspawn. He is very protective of Ser Growls-a-Lot and they like to chase after Squeakers, since the nug likes to steal their crunch bone. Get this protective Big Mabari here.


I was not expecting the Mudcrab to be this large, it is seriously as large as my head. Nick jokes that it’s a Headcrab lol. What is also awesome about this, is that you get a DLC code when you purchase this plush for an in-game Mudcrab pet in Elder Scrolls Online. Get the plush here!


Lastly, here is the reason that I postponed my post to today.  This monotone lovely is an Elcor from the Mass Effect franchise.  Not only is he adorable, he talks!!!! Look at him and all of his adorableness.  These just restocked on Bioware’s store today, get one here. Or you can get it from Sanshee here.  I was going to post a video of the Elcor speaking, but the audio got all funky, so see the commercial here!

I hope you all enjoyed my post today!! Until next time <4

Trinket Tuesday: Garrus <3

Hi again everyone!! So by now I would think you guys have caught on to how much I am obsessed with Garrus Vakarian. He is my absolute favorite character in the Mass Effect Franchise.  I first purchased a t-shirt and the vinyl pop that I posted on my side table of loot post here!  On top of those purchases I could not resist on having to get at 21 inch (1/4 scale) statue of him as well xD

*Note* I will now post many many pictures of Garrus in statue, vinyl pop, t-shirt, and screenshot forms, you have been warned 😀

Here is the glorious statue ❤

20150811_194046_resized 20150623_18484220150811_194100_resized

Here is the box art that the statue came in, I think it’s pretty neat (:


Adorable Vinyl Pop Garrus Warrus ❤ you can get one here!!


You can wear him too!!! Purchase one here!!!20150811_194305_resized

As a bonus here are some screenshots from Mass Effect 3 ❤MassEffect3 2015-07-26 19-23-39-02MassEffect3 2015-07-26 19-04-57-19MassEffect3 2015-07-26 00-13-30-49MassEffect3 2015-07-25 23-59-29-24 MassEffect3 2015-07-26 17-58-19-55

Here is my old banner that I made from Mass Effect 2 ❤
large_bannerHope you all enjoyed my post!! Until next time <4