Screenshot Sunday! #3

Hi everyone!! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend (:  Welcome to another Screenshot Sunday 😀 Alright normally I have screenshots that show really bad rendering.  I’ve thought to mix it up a little bit today.  Today I’m going to have screenshots that show more of the environment in the game.  For some games the environment is just beautiful and I though to show you some here.  Well I’m just going to get to it! Hope you guys enjoy my post! Until next time <4

Dragon Age: Inquisition
DragonAgeInquisition 2015-03-30 05-55-40-88 DragonAgeInquisition 2015-03-30 06-15-20-35 DragonAgeInquisition 2015-04-19 18-26-38-54

Mass Effect: 3
MassEffect3 2015-06-14 10-45-31-34MassEffect3 2015-07-31 19-37-24-17 MassEffect3 2015-07-26 19-24-24-75 MassEffect3 2015-07-26 17-45-06-41 MassEffect3 2015-07-25 18-11-46-61 MassEffect3 2015-06-20 23-16-07-22

Grand Theft Auto V: OnlineGTA5 2015-06-28 02-16-38-26

Dragon Age IIDragonAge2 2015-07-14 19-29-55-58 DragonAge2 2015-07-14 19-23-30-16 DragonAge2 2015-07-11 14-06-25-18 DragonAge2 2015-07-09 21-02-40-99
Mass Effect: 2
ME2Game 2015-05-23 00-50-56-25 ME2Game 2015-06-06 14-35-08-10 ME2Game 2015-06-06 20-06-36-37

Dragon Age: Origins2015-05-03_00063 2015-03-06_00231

Dying Light2015-02-14_000012015-02-18_00001


Screenshot Sunday! #2

Hey everyone! Two days in a row! I’m slightly proud of myself. So I have more screenshots from Dragon Age 2. I love how this game seems to just not want to load in properly (:

Here you can see the floor and you can see some places that did not load in.DragonAge2 2015-07-12 15-42-31-67

Anders, Anders, Anders. This was my second play-through of Dragon Age 2, and I told myself I was going to romance some one different, since I romance Anders in my first play-through. So that did not happen. Here are some screenshots where you can literally see through Anders.

DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-50-24-00

DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-53-13-24

In the next three screenshots, Dragon Age 2 seemed to want to have the rainbow road, and buildings.

DragonAge2 2015-07-12 15-09-23-17 DragonAge2 2015-07-12 11-41-53-14 DragonAge2 2015-07-12 11-41-10-51

Lastly, we can see this fellow has a floating head (:

DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-24-47-39 DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-24-14-01

For everyone here is a bonus video ❤

Hope you all enjoyed this post!! Until next time <4

Screenshot Sunday! #1

Hello everyone 😀 Sterling is back and hopefully this time with a better game plan.  I am hoping to keep this blog going and the way I think this can happen is with daily themes with alliteration.  Today is the first Screenshot Sunday.

So I love taking screenshots when I play video games, just so I have something to look back at, almost like a mini memento for myself. This week I have started a new character in Dragon Age 2, after I downloaded some mods (will go over those tomorrow). Here she is! Meet Emma (:


One thing that I love about Dragon Age 2 is how it seems that certain textures or meshes either not load in property or they are missing. Sometime it just makes me giggle. So here are some of those screenshots. Enjoy!! Curious on your thoughts 😀
*Note* Might need to click on the images to be able to enjoy the graphic silliness 😀

DragonAge2 2015-07-11 13-11-41-69_sterlingkings
DragonAge2 2015-07-12 10-46-37-40sterlingkins
DragonAge2 2015-07-12 10-52-52-00sterlingkins
DragonAge2 2015-07-12 10-53-29-29sterlingkins

DragonAge2 2015-07-12 11-50-24-00sterlingkins