Guess Who’s Back?

Back again?! Sterlingkins is back! Tell a friend!!! Alright, so this is not some April Fools Joke. I am back and do I have some pretty screenshots for you! <4

Some of you may know of this little hole in the wall game that came out last week called Mass Effect: Andromeda.

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 14-11-35-07.png

I wasn’t able to play it until a couple days ago, due to being in Texas the week it came out and then house sitting this previous week. OMG this game is pretty!!! The colors and environment are beautiful.  You guys know how I am with pretty environments I go crazy!

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-46-56-13.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-48-44-55.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-07-12-51.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-49-41-90.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-44-32-83.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-40-27-82.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-44-43-15.png

So far I am loving the game. Not having many bugs or glitches happen, though I did have a T posing doctor. Sadly did not have my Fraps up to capture that. Though I did get this derpy look form Cora!

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-50-36-60.png

That’s the only hiccup that I’m having with the game. The environment and everything is beautiful, but I feel something is lacking with the facial expressions, and the overall presence of each of the characters.  They all seem stiff and do not seem to move naturally.  Maybe BioWare was trying to portray the characters to be not so sure of themselves since for most this is their first adventure and journey.  If this is the case I think they took a little to far with the stiffness.  I’ve only put a few hours into the game, but BioWare with the Frostbite Engine has created an overall gorgeous game.

Oh and take a lookie at Sterling Ryder! 😀

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 15-10-08-22.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-43-22-43.png

She took me longer to admit to create, though I think she came out pretty well 😀 So I will leave you all with some screenshots! I don’t think these are spoilery and if you haven’t played this game yet, what are you doing here! Go play and make your own gorgeous self!

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-43-34-50.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-50-56-42.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-59-19-25.pngThis one ^^^ is my favorite! (Don’t tell the others ;D)MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-59-28-49.pngcropMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-00-03-79.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-00-18-74.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-08-56-23.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-27-57-65.pngOh that’s another thing! I believe the settings are defaulted to have a grain effect or something similar. Which I’m thinking that I do not like. For the next round of screenshots I’ll try to remember to turn that off and hopefully it’ll look better for me 😀 MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-54-53-20.pngLogically the first thing I do is jump onto the Tempest….we all know you did it too!!! MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-09-40-39.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-57-39-32.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-05-56-71.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-02-31-61.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-06-22-08.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-09-55-63.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-11-59-74.pngUntil next time all! <4!


RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: The End!! Day 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Soooo I’ve been away from this for a good while, I blame school.  Finishing up my MBA is really getting really difficult.  That being said, I will be done at the end of July and I am looking forward to all the free time I will have.  Well lets finish this challenge ❤

Day 26 – Best voice acting.

The game that I believe that has one of the best voice acting is The Last of Us.  I have never played this game, but I did watch Pyschadelicsnake play through this game and it is amazing.  The full playlist of the videos are – > HERE!

Day 27 – Most epic scene ever.

I can’t think of the most epic scene ever, but the one scene that I can think of that had some impact was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – No Russian.  I actually have had a quote from Vladimir Makarov from the game that I absolutely love. “Revenge is like a ghost, it takes over every man it touches. Its thirst cannot be quenched until the last man standing has fallen. You may be able to destroy me but the beast will eventually come for you.”



Day 28 – Favorite game developer.

You all should know this!! Bioware is definitely my favorite game developer.  Not only do they make the games I love, they are awesome with their community.  They have great extra irl videos and yesterday they did a livestream of geese outside their office.  What else do you need!


Day 29 – A game you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving.

This might be a surprise but I was not expecting much from Life is Strange.  I think not knowing exactly the premise of the story helped to give me a pleasant surprise.  And now it is one of my favorite games. ❤

LifeIsStrange 2016-03-04 17-48-08-51.png

Day 30 – Your favorite game of all time.

You all know this.  All the Mass Effects.  So here is a screenshot of my space boyfriend, with my Shepard trying to imitate him. haha


Dwm 2016-04-14 20-54-13-56

Finally finished the challenge!! Only took over 2 months! So be on the look out for random posts (: Aiming to get atleast one a week ❤ Until next time!!! <4

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 23, 24, 25

Guys!!!!!! I have been slacking soooo bad. I blame the weather, it has been horrible.  Anyways on to the fun stuff.  Got 3 days I gotta get through <4

Day 23 – Game you think had the best graphics or art style.

This one is difficult.  With mods, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  Mod it until it breaks ya’ll!!!! Seriously, there are some mods that make this game amazing!!! On one Monday, I might start naming some, it could be a multi part thing (:
For a vanilla game, it would have to be either Life is Strange or games by TellTale Games (The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, etc.).  These games are soooo good. Here is a purdy shot from Life is Strange.

LifeIsStrange 2015-12-05 21-08-12-42.png

Day 24 – Favorite classic game.

This is difficult, since what is considered a classic game.  It could be a whole number of things.  Though I will say that my favorite classic game has to be Tetris.

Day 25 – A game you plan on playing.

Deadpool. Deadpool. Deadpool. Deadpool.  I have had this game in my Steam Library for months, Months!!!!! So I need to play this game and watch the movie.

Make sure you let me know your responses for these days!! Until next time <4

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 22

Hey guys. Not feeling well and doing this post in bed. So please don’t mind the really short post with no pics today 🙂

Day 22 – A game sequel which disappointed you.

For me this would have to be Left 4 Dead 2. I love L4D sooo much, and through that game I met the boyfriend. So as a fan I looked forward to L4D2. I think it was just missing that extra something. Not sure exactly, but it was not a winner in my eyes. Let me know what was your game sequel let down. Until next time! <4

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 21

Hey we’re at 21, blackjack ya’ll!!! <4

Day 21 – Game with the best story.

Guys!!!! Do you know how hard this is to choose for me!!!!!!!! All of the games that I am playing right now have great stories.  Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Diablo III, The Walking Dead, Dying Light the list seriously just keeps going on.  Though the one I am going to choose for today is Life is Strange.

LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 18-07-17-31.png

I don’t want to get into the story too much, I hate them spoilers, and everyone needs to play this game right now.

So I bought this game on Steam when it was on sale, just to see what the all the hype was about, you know.  All I can say is that the hype is very well deserved.  The game mechanics are simple and the story development is…there are no words.  You guys know how I am a sucker for the games you can choose your way through.  I do have to say that this game was nothing I thought it was be and everyone should give it a shot, or watch someone play it.  I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.  Alright guys, I’m going to now leave you with some screenshots from this beauty game. Until next time <4!

LifeIsStrange 2015-12-05 20-39-06-35LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 19-25-05-37LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 18-54-30-25LifeIsStrange 2015-12-08 20-26-22-07LifeIsStrange 2016-01-09 21-18-52-27LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 20-34-43-36LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 19-51-47-46LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 19-51-28-16LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 19-43-51-64LifeIsStrange 2015-12-13 18-08-37-44LifeIsStrange 2015-12-06 20-31-11-16LifeIsStrange 2015-12-13 17-39-38-39LifeIsStrange 2016-01-09 21-36-09-50

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 20

Hey guys!! I’m doing this from my phone so no pics today. But let’s make this just a quick update.

Day 20 – Favorite genre.

You all know that role playing games (rpgs) are my absolute favorite. I think the feeling that you have some control and the character is you makes it a great experience.

What’s you favorite genre? I want to know! Until next time <4!

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 19

Day 19 – Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in.

Lets just get into it. There are a few games that I would like to live in, I know I’m greedy.  Grand Theft Auto V online, Mass Effect and Dragon Age.  I am an absolute sucker for the time period of Dragon age. 2015-03-06_00113.jpg2015-03-07_00071.jpgGrand Theft Auto is awesome for all the random stuff that happens and being able to live in a mansion (:

GTA5 2016-01-31 04-26-04-36.png

Who wouldn’t want yo live in the Mass Effect Universe!?!?!? I mean you have all the different species and I would love everything about living here.  I may be bias but this would be the dream world.  <4 Until next time ya’ll !! ;DDwm 2016-02-11 21-02-16-33.png

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 18

Guys!!! So I think that this one could be for yesterday’s and today’s theme as well!!!


Now moving on for today (:

Day 18 – Favorite protagonist.

Not choosing either Commander Shepard or Garrus or anyone from the Normandy crew.  Though those are my favorite and I am expanding my wings like a lil birdie. I’m choosing Claire Redfield (: I know almost feels like it’s from left field.  I was (still kinda am) obsessed with the Resident Evil franchise growing up.  The first game that I remember playing with my Dad and sister taking turns was Resident Evil.  Though the best video game intro I remember was with Claire Redfield in Resident Evil – Code: Veronica X. (I have it queued to where it starts and it ends around 4:40).

Let me know who your favorite protagonist is! Until next tyme! <4

RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 17

Hey guys!!!! I’ve uploaded that Forest video HERE!!

Day 17 – Favorite antagonist.

Alright! It would have to be.. drum roll please………………………this guy!


You guessed it! The yeti from SkiFree.  I still have dreams of this guy stopping my dreams of getting to the bottom of the mountain D; This is probably why I have never wanted to learn to ski…curse you mister Yeti.

I also want to say the Illusive Man, but that’s only because I made this awesome image that I created (it has Miranda in it!!!!) in Gimp a few months ago.  I love it!!!!! Until next time <4!


RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 16

We’ve made it over half way!!! Wooo! So I’m not feeling the greatest so it’s going to be a quick one today (:

Day 16 – Game with the best cut scenes.

So you guys know me and I can’t just choose one.  The two games that have the best cut scenes are Grand Theft Auto V and Mass Effect 2.  For Grand Theft Auto, the cut scenes are amazing and more than not hilarious.  There are so many cut scenes in Mass Effect 2 that were extraordinary, these included: The intro, introduction to Normandy Sr-2, meeting Archangel, Omega 4 relay…the list goes on and on.

As always here are a few screen shots from both games! Until next time <4!