Guess Who’s Back?

Back again?! Sterlingkins is back! Tell a friend!!! Alright, so this is not some April Fools Joke. I am back and do I have some pretty screenshots for you! <4

Some of you may know of this little hole in the wall game that came out last week called Mass Effect: Andromeda.

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 14-11-35-07.png

I wasn’t able to play it until a couple days ago, due to being in Texas the week it came out and then house sitting this previous week. OMG this game is pretty!!! The colors and environment are beautiful.  You guys know how I am with pretty environments I go crazy!

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-46-56-13.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-48-44-55.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-07-12-51.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-49-41-90.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-44-32-83.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-40-27-82.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-44-43-15.png

So far I am loving the game. Not having many bugs or glitches happen, though I did have a T posing doctor. Sadly did not have my Fraps up to capture that. Though I did get this derpy look form Cora!

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-50-36-60.png

That’s the only hiccup that I’m having with the game. The environment and everything is beautiful, but I feel something is lacking with the facial expressions, and the overall presence of each of the characters.  They all seem stiff and do not seem to move naturally.  Maybe BioWare was trying to portray the characters to be not so sure of themselves since for most this is their first adventure and journey.  If this is the case I think they took a little to far with the stiffness.  I’ve only put a few hours into the game, but BioWare with the Frostbite Engine has created an overall gorgeous game.

Oh and take a lookie at Sterling Ryder! 😀

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 15-10-08-22.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-43-22-43.png

She took me longer to admit to create, though I think she came out pretty well 😀 So I will leave you all with some screenshots! I don’t think these are spoilery and if you haven’t played this game yet, what are you doing here! Go play and make your own gorgeous self!

MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-43-34-50.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-50-56-42.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-59-19-25.pngThis one ^^^ is my favorite! (Don’t tell the others ;D)MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 11-59-28-49.pngcropMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-00-03-79.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-00-18-74.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 12-08-56-23.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-27-57-65.pngOh that’s another thing! I believe the settings are defaulted to have a grain effect or something similar. Which I’m thinking that I do not like. For the next round of screenshots I’ll try to remember to turn that off and hopefully it’ll look better for me 😀 MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-54-53-20.pngLogically the first thing I do is jump onto the Tempest….we all know you did it too!!! MassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-09-40-39.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 21-57-39-32.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-05-56-71.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-02-31-61.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-06-22-08.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-09-55-63.pngMassEffectAndromeda 2017-03-31 22-11-59-74.pngUntil next time all! <4!


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