RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 9

When I was over looking this challenge this was the day I was dreading.

Day 9 – Saddest game scene.

There are wayyy too many sad game scenes.  There are seriously too many games with sad scenes, and I can guarantee that I cried in every single one of these.  We all know that Mass Effect is horribly fulled with the sad scenes, so I’m not going to bring those up (though you can talk about them in the comments (:)

Here are two honorable mentions:
Dragon Age Origin: Human Noble Origin – I mean really! They are seriously the most chillest parents ever!! And the kid! D; Just cruel, but defientely has an my eyes while they leaked of H2o.
Last of Us – Seriously! What is with video games and offing the kids, I understand that it shows character depvelopment and his growing relationship with Ellie, but seriously! I thought I failed the beginning of the game, but that was sadly not the case.

Alright the big one:

Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead
The last part of this game was so hard for me to watch, I had to pause the game so I can cry like the lil girl I am. Below are going to be spoilers. I do not want to ruin this game for you if you have not have the time to play this game.  The game is amazingly emotional and you should play it. On to my sad ramblings.

Below are spoilers so continue at your own caution.

The ending of The Walking Dead is something that will stay with me.  The game as a whole was done beautifully and did a great job of getting me attached to Lee and Clem, to just ultimately rip my heart out.
So the scene that is the saddest is the end where Lee is dying and you have to choose to have Clem shot Lee or not. I seriously couldn’t even, I choose to shoot but I could not watch.  Also right before this you have to give Clem one last piece of advice and the heartbreaking “Clementine will remember” pops up in the corner. I’m going to link the video of the different choices at the end of the game. D;

Hope you guys have a great day, I’m going to leave you with a funny picture! My sim’s step-mother was having babies, and we all know how my sim likes to take the selfies lol Until next time <4

12-29-15_6-44-36 PM


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