RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 8

Hey guys!!! I’m keeping this going!! Let me know all your thoughts (:

Day 8 – Best soundtrack.

This one is difficult since I think all games have great music.  I was going to say Dragon Age Origins, since that game has great music. But the bf was reminding me of other games and I thought of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.  There is a radio station in that game, V Rock that is absolutely amazing!!! Seriously this is what made this game for me. Me and the seester would just drive around and listen to this station. Lazlo, is an actual real DJ, but he created a whole set. They also had a made up band for the game that, Love Fist, there were even missions revolved around them. Seriously the dedication for just a radio station is awesome! I found a youtube video that should have the whole station, I should warn it is very explicit. Hope you guys like the station! Until next time! <4


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