RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 4

Hey guys!! I’m still going strong on this 30 day challenge (: so proud of myself, totally gave myself a hi-five.  Lets get to it (:

Here is Day 4 – Your guilty pleasure game.

So my guilty pleasure game is played on mobile.  I am a sucker for choose your adventure games, and this is probably why I love Bioware games so much.  So there is this game app called Episode Interactive and you can download it on your iOS and Android.  They are basically interactive animated stories.  Their newest featured game is one based on Mean Girls, you should totally check that one out. Though that is not my guilty pleasure game, that would be the Demi Lovato: Path to Fame game. I have already played through season one and part of two (new releases should be coming soon) and I am now on my second play through.  The one thing that I love about this game is that you can choose what your best friend looks like and she is so crazy and awesome and she will just about do anything for food lol. Also you can choose whether your character likes men or women.  Me being the screenshot freak that I am, took some screenshots and you can see them below (;  So everyone should check this game out, it is free, though it has some in game purchases, which can help you progress in the game, though you do not need those.  Hope you guys liked my post! Until next time <4



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