RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 3

Hey everyone! Hope your day is going awesome!!! Found out that I’m going to be getting my Garrus body pillow soon. Here is the next day of the challenge 😀

Here is Day 3 – A game that is underrated.

I feel that the current game that is underrated is Dying Light.


This game I feel is seriously underrated.  This game is so fun to play and the detail and time the developers put into this game is ridiculous.  There is going to be an update in a few days and I cannot wait!!!

I feel that this game has everything, it has an open world, customization weapons, different classes to update, and it’s co-op/multiplayer.  This is is absolute fun game to play with friends and the openness and the missions create different directions that you can go for story wise.  I feel that this game is underrated, since it does not have that quick play through, or its not like the normal games that.  Though it seems that the developers for this game care what the community thinks and how to improve their game.  I can really respect these guys and the work that they have put into their work.

They are going to add vehicles to the game in a few days! I’m super excited for this and I hope you guys give this game a try if you have not already (:

Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Until next time <4


2 thoughts on “RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 3

    • Yeah this game is pretty awesome. Though I do recommend playing with other people/ friends, since I feel that adds more to the game experience. Though playing solo is just fine as well.

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