RODGG: 30 Day Video Game Challenge: Day 2

Hey guys!!! Two days in a row!! That’s got to be a record for this year! Alright, I’m continuing with the 30 day challenge. Here we go (:

Here is Day 2 – Your favorite character.

I bet you guys couldn’t guess this one….. need a clue?  Alright I’ll give you a lil hint… he makes a great body pillow ;D (I’m hoping to get that soon, once it passes inspection ;D)


Mister Garrus Vakarian, who I bet would believe that this was his favorite blog on the Citadel ;D  He is my favorite character by how his relationship with Shepard through all the games, if allowed is one that is enjoyable, and solid.  He is a strong character that in game, I feel that he will always have my 6 and nothing can stop us.  Not only is the banter great, but since in game I had the relationship go towards the romance route; it was so awkward and sweet.  I could see how some people could be off put by the analytical approach Garrus does at the beginning of the romance, but I think that is just him.  I mean, he basically does calibrations 24/7, so no wonder he is thinking of the different variables and how they go together.  The wonderful thing is seeing that grow into so much more later on.  ❤ Or I could also just be fangirling it, but whatever (:  I still have to go back and play as Male Shepard tho, so I can get my bro on with Vakarian.  Below I posted some photos that I have posted on here before of Garrus just incase you missed them before (:  Hope you guys liked my post! Until next time <4


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