RODGG: Sim 4: Garrus!!!

Hey guys!!! So I think you are going to get sick of me soon and I hope that is true (: You guys are awesome and I love all of you.

Alright so I have told some people that I have downloaded a Mass Effect family with all the works in the Sims 4.  That included Garrus and crew.

I had a sim teenager that wanted to woo Garrus later in life and this happened.

TS4_x64 2015-12-09 20-00-51-37.pngTS4_x64 2015-12-09 20-01-22-23.png

Yeah she was sad since she was too young for the stud Garrus.  Since Garrus was totally flirting with the old lady……I know!!!

So I downloaded the mod from modthesims for teenagers and adults to have a “relationship”. You can find the mod here ->

This leads to to adorable Simself to Garrus being a couple.  I will add screenshots here!

I will add more if you guys like 😀

,…….hint they might get married 😀


Let me know your opinion and it might happen 😀

Love your guys input!!!!!!


Happy weekend!!!! Hope you guys liked the post and until next tyme <4!!!


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