Trinket Tuesday: Garrus!!!! <4

Hey guys!!!  So today I did a teaser tweet on the this post I was going to do today.  If you are not following me on Twitter, well you better change that you silly pyjacks and you can do that right here! Alright on to the good stuff ;D

So I’m sure you have heard of the site If not, it’s basically a marketplace of many handcrafted goods that people create….with their hands.  I like to think of it as a classy e-bay.  Why do I bring up etsy, well since I got this bad boy ;D from there.


I mean look at him!!!! He is so soft and adorable…… I mean very rugged and manly….who am I kidding he is the daymn cuteness overlord!

So you must be thinking to yourself where can I get one of those, and etsy is the place and KotoriesLittleShop is where you want to go.  The direct link to the Garrus plush of love is here!

I have added him to my plush collection 😀 He looks sooooo happy! I think he’s got a thing for the companion cube ;D


Alright, since we are on the topic of Garrus I wanted to share a site that has great drawings of Garrus and other awesome things!

That would be Engineerista’s Art. You can see, and purchase, her awesome drawings on basically anything you want here! Why am I mentioning this? Well besides that her drawing skills are magical (I’ve seen it happen!), she has this great deal to get your own Space Boyfriend body pillow! And if you pre-order in the next couple days you save 10 dollars!! I am getting one 😀 So join the cool crowd and get one too! While you’re at it follow her art on Twitter in the tweet thingy below and check out here deviantart here.

Well that is all that I have for you guys today 😀 Hope you guys enjoyed my post! Until next time <4!!


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