R.O.D.G.G.: Late to the party

Hello everyone!!!! I have missed you.  Today I am going to talk about being late to the party.  I obvious do not mean an actual party.  No.  I am talking about jumping on the awesome hype train of video games late.

I have jumped on the awesome train of Bioware’s masterpieces Mass Effect and Dragon Age within the previous year.  During the summer sale’s last year on Steam there was a game that I was looking of a different game.  I was sick of all the twitch shooters, I wanted something more.  We recently got the Steam Family Sharing, so I was looking through Nick’s library on Steam and found a game that caught my interest, Dragon Age: Origins.  I am a girl that loves her dragons, but I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the game.  But even so I was not convinced, it was not until I watched the below video that sold me.  I am an absolute sucker for the medieval times.  And from the video I could tell that’s around that time and I love 30 Seconds to Mars.  Thus began my downfall fall into the epicness of Bioware games.  But by this time most of their Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchise has been accomplished.  So I am late to this awesome Bioware party.

On to being late to the party.  What sucks about being late to the party, is that there are spoilers that give away the story that can be stumbled upon to.  So with knowing what is going to happen, and if I know what is going to happen in the story that I do not like, I normally stop playing.  So that is currently what is happening with me and Mass Effect 3.  So I have played Mass Effect 2 may may times.

If you have made it through these ramblings I applaud you.  If there is one thing to take away from this it is to play Bioware games.  They will change your life and make you obsessed with them.

Hope you liked my post. Until next time <4


4 thoughts on “R.O.D.G.G.: Late to the party

  1. I was late to the DA party too, but I caught up pretty damn quickly. You need to play all the games, they’re amazing. DA2 isn’t as good, as Origins or Inquisition but it’s the most fun of the three, definitely well written and hilarious in places.

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