Blogging101 update!

Hey guys (: So today is going to be Sterling catch-up day.  So I did a total revamp of my About Me page, which you can take a gander over -> HERE 😀

So we need to play around with our headers and background today.  The first time through, I’ve spend hours on that.  I feel that I am at a good place with my header and background.  Even though my background is a neutral color, I feel that it keeps the blog simple and does not distract.  I was looking at some backgrounds to use and nothing could beat this natural tone.

Alright for my header, I used to have this beauty:
cropped-large_banner1.pngBut I think the header that I have now is pretty good.  It has Lara Croft from Tomb Radier.  If you think I should change my header back, let me know!  If there is an overwhelming vote for that I will change it back to wonderful Garrus with Shepard (:

Until next time <4


2 thoughts on “Blogging101 update!

  1. This sounds like what I’m doing at the moment! 😉 I like the header, and yes, the neutral color does seem to help keep things uncluttered. Enjoy your day!

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