R.O.D.G.G.: Birthdya Weekend Part 1!!

ey everyone!!!!!! So I’m so excited to share my weekend with you!!  Today’s post is going to be what I did Friday. Wooo!!  Alright so a few months ago we saw on Imgur/Reddit a post about an arcade in Chicago, well in Brookfield, IL.  It is this wonderful place that is called The Galloping Ghost.  What is awesome about this arcade is that it is coinless. Each game is in free play mode and does not require coins.  You pay a flat rate when you enter and if you keep your receipt you are able to leave and return that` same day.  Another thing is that on each game it shows the high score for that game at the Galloping Ghost and the high score worldwide.  It’s cool since some of the world records were placed there.  Seriously this play is a dream 😀  I’ve only got a few of the games that we played, but now I will spam this space with all the photos that I look along with some captions!!!

Here is the sign for the Galloping Ghost Arcade ❤


Basically the place is for the most part divided by game genre. Here you can see most of the racing games.


This was the first game that we played. It’ was a racing game with an over the top view. Once we realized which cars we were, we did better! We were not lapped by the computer which I was greatly happy about 😀


This was the first fighting game that we played, and I kicked Nick’s butt on this game 😀 Apparently I cheat.


HAHA omg this game was so fun! I could play this game all day. I seriously LOVE arcade shooting games. But look that the graphics! I could enjoy and make fun of this game for days!!


The best area had to be the pinball area.  There are a total of 6 pinball stations, but there are signs on three of them.  THe third picture down has what the sign states, my only thought is either the game is in need of repairs or they just really dont want you playing those.

20150828_144926 20150828_144933 20150828_144939

Even in an arcade I can beat Nick in Mortal Kombat X as Cassie Cage xD


I got to play this gem while Nick was dominating elsewhere.


This is what Nick was playing for a good while, while I did some other things.  He loves playing Ms. Pac-Man.  As you can see he is sitting on a stool.  Around the place there are stools and you can tell which games that people plan on playing for hourssss!


I sucked sooooo much at Galaga lol


So I’ve realized after this game that I’m not really good at racing games haha


So, one of my favorite tv shows and movies is Stargate, so I had to play the game that had Stargate in the name!  Let’s just say that I’m not that great of a pilot and should not be anywhere near a spaceship.  Though this game was fun 😀


From a day of homework and being in traffic driving to this utopia.  We played our last game of NBA JAM and I got my rear end handed to me.  It is true, white girl does not have hops.


Alright so in tomorrow post I will go over the bar that we when to, more of the games we played, the awesome food that we ate.  Tomorrow is going to be a beast of a post! Also I was going to start a 30 day challenge but that will be postponed until tomorrow, where I will do a double post, since I decided to finish Once Upon A TIme instead, and OMG!!! Hope you enjoyed my post! Until next time <4


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