Trinket Tuesday: Necklace :D

Hello my lovelies (: So I have not been purchasing as much awesomeness that I used to.  I am going to start saving up my monehs for… well I’m not quite sure.  Though there was a trinket that I purchased a few weeks ago that is now finally here 😀

You can get the Moon Pendants Dragon Age Gray Wardens Necklace Symbol Logo Pendant Crest Jewelry Custom Necklace Gifts HERE 😀

This is seriously gorgeous 😀 This was just a quick update, been busy with school and work, and some time to play Mass Effect 😀

Hope you guys enjoyed my quick post! Until next time <4


Blogging101 update!

Hey guys (: So today is going to be Sterling catch-up day.  So I did a total revamp of my About Me page, which you can take a gander over -> HERE 😀

So we need to play around with our headers and background today.  The first time through, I’ve spend hours on that.  I feel that I am at a good place with my header and background.  Even though my background is a neutral color, I feel that it keeps the blog simple and does not distract.  I was looking at some backgrounds to use and nothing could beat this natural tone.

Alright for my header, I used to have this beauty:
cropped-large_banner1.pngBut I think the header that I have now is pretty good.  It has Lara Croft from Tomb Radier.  If you think I should change my header back, let me know!  If there is an overwhelming vote for that I will change it back to wonderful Garrus with Shepard (:

Until next time <4

R.O.D.G.G.: Kinda Trinket Tuesday & Blogging101 Day 2

Hey everyone!! So today is day 2 of the Blogging101 and it deals with the title and tag line of my blog.  I have to say that I am perfectly content with my title and tag line, since it describes what I am about.  I am a girl gamer that cannot get enough of video games and I love to ramble on here while slightly intoxicated, which is just how I roll.  (Hence the R.O.D.G.G [Ramblings of a Drunk Gamer Girl]) 😀
Let me know what you think of my title and tag line 🙂 Feedback is always welcomed, I’m always willing to learn.

Alright time for the kinda Trinket Tuesday, since it’s not things I bought video game related, but It goes back to my birthday weekend.  Last year we went to Chicago for my birthday as well, but it was for a concert with Linkin Park.  It was awesome!! At the hotel there was a bell hop/valet that drooled over my boyfriends car (Subaru Impreza WRX STI Limited 2011) and we chatted with him for awhile.  After we parked our car and when up to our rooms, that guy was on our floor, it was random and cool.  Chatted again and he gave us a voucher for free appetizers for the bar in the hotel lobby.
So fast forward to this year, we’re staying at the same hotel, and I was wondering if the same guy still worked there.  It wasn’t until Saturday night when we were walking in the lobby towards the elevators that we walked by someone that looked like him, so I mentioned it to Nick and he immediately made a u-turn and went to see if it was the same guy.  Turns out it was and he was wondering if we were the same couple he saw last year.  So we chatted and he found out it was my birthday and asked for our room number.  Didn’t really think much of it since we just came back from the bar and I had a few to drink.  So we go up to the room and we were brought cupcakes and a bottle of wine.  It was so awesome!  So before all this we ordered pizza to be delivered to the room.  It was seriously the best meal ever!  I have rambled enough, below are the pictures from the bar we went to and the wine & cupcakes and seriously one of the best pizzas you will ever have.

Here is the pizza place. Giordano’s is seriously amazing.  If you are ever in Chicago, please go there, you will not be disappointed.

20150828_174905 20150829_215131 20150829_215059

We found this awesome tavern to go to; seriously awesome, the bar waitress remember us 😀
I loved the cheese fries, and the jalapeno poppers were okay, but those cheese fries!

20150828_184603 20150828_190610

Here is the wine and the cupcakes that I got as a present for my birthday! They were all soooo good!!!  I cannot wait to go back to Chicago and Brookfield for food and video games.  Two of my favorite things 😀


Hope you guys enjoyed! Until next time <4

Blogging101…. Again: Introduction

Hey everyone!  So I’m giving the Blogging101 a try again. The first time around was pretty sparse on my involvement but I’m hoping that will change this time around (:
So today’s prompt is “write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post on your blog.”  I think the first time around I did a pretty good job on this post. You can see that -> HERE.

Thought this time I not only want to do all the prompts, I want to get more involved with other bloggers.  That’s really the main focus on why I created this blog.  I interact with people with the same interests with me. So my main interests are video games, and that is what my blog has been mostly dedicated to.  Though right now most, if not all my post deal with Bioware games.  I am hoping to discuss other games as well, but this Bioware games have been the one’s I’ve been playing lately.

I hope you look around by blog and let me know what you like and what you think I can work on (:

So like I said the first time, I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of bubblegum.” 

I will leave you with a screenshot that was taken in Grand Theft Auto V, by my boyfriend.  He’s in the zombie in the car that is being lifted, I’m dressed as Princess Robot Bubblegum, and our Australian friend the pilot.

Princess Robot BubblegumHope you all enjoy my blog! Until next time <4

R.O.D.G.G.: Birthday Weekend Day 2

So I was going to go over the arcade on day 2 and the food and everything else, but I just go the arcade pics and it is a lot!!!  If any one has tips on making my post with pictures easier for viewing let me know!  Moving on to the arcade day two.  We spend more time there on this day, and we even left and came back.  I seriously suggest anyone that visits the Chicago area, to visit this gem, The Galloping Ghost, is such a fun place to go and is a fun time.  Alright, so I’m just going to move onto the picture.

This was the first game that we played, and I’m not good at all at it lol.  I’d restarted many times.


We had to play this game since one of our friend’s handle is Strid3r.  Or how I like to call him Strudder 😀


Alright, so while playing this game I learned a very valuable lesson.  Oh, that lesson? That is when you are in a lift to not shoot the cable.  (NOTE: Or actually thinking about it now, I might not have shot the Aliens on the lift quick enough before they chewed the cable).  Though I’m pretty sure it’s because I shot the cable, and then I fell to my death.  I got a good laugh out of it.


I’d played this game based on a suggestion from a co-worker (She has her own blog HERE, running. Everyone should go read!!!)  One thing that I absolutely LOVED about this game is how they walked, they act like “yeah I’m awesome!!”  Oh and I also blew up a helicopter, that was awesome too 😀


Nick played Centipede and I played Millipede.  He did better than me.


So one of my favorite games is the Resident Evil series.  This is basically like that.  This shooter was tricky, not only is there a gun, but you have to move that gun around for you to move.  Once you get the hang of it, it’s really fun.  I would have stayed there all day if I could have.


Here is a shot on how busy the shooting games were.


Okay let’s talk about a funny game.  Yes that is Steven Tyler from Aerosmith.  What I gathered is that we are to use music as a weapon to take back music.  Yeah, I really didn’t play attention, I was too busy laughing at this.  Definitely a fun one.


So this game was flashing soooo bad that I had to stop playing, it was making my eye very unhappy.  Though Nick remembers that game being really good, too bad I couldn’t get past the flashing.


This is where you come into from the door and pay.


They do sell drinks and snacks.  Though I thought their suggestion “box” was freaking adorable!!


So I’m not sure if you can notice or not, but Nick is basically wedged in there haha


So the first thing I thought of when seeing this flight game, was my Australian buddy’s character in GTA V, where he is in flight gear.  Though this game looks good, too bad I didn’t get to play it since this kid hogged it for a while. Oh well, next time.

Oh so this game, I have no idea what was going on.  There is no English, the only English was Press Start – Skip and Free Play, that was it.  The two games I played were really weird. One dealt with ice cream, while the other dealt with who could eat the whole cow the fastest.  Like I stated, WEIRD!!!!  I will definitely play it again! Haha

This game was fun.  Their facial expression in the rear-view mirror is hilarious.  Though me and Nick didn’t do the best at it.  Probably since I was looking that the rear-view mirror the whole time 😀


We finished the day playing some Michael Jackson Moonwalker.  This game is interesting.  I do like the different power ups.  Wooo!!!

20150829_162154 20150829_162308

That’s all I got.  Hope you enjoyed my post! Until next time <4

R.O.D.G.G.: Birthdya Weekend Part 1!!

ey everyone!!!!!! So I’m so excited to share my weekend with you!!  Today’s post is going to be what I did Friday. Wooo!!  Alright so a few months ago we saw on Imgur/Reddit a post about an arcade in Chicago, well in Brookfield, IL.  It is this wonderful place that is called The Galloping Ghost.  What is awesome about this arcade is that it is coinless. Each game is in free play mode and does not require coins.  You pay a flat rate when you enter and if you keep your receipt you are able to leave and return that` same day.  Another thing is that on each game it shows the high score for that game at the Galloping Ghost and the high score worldwide.  It’s cool since some of the world records were placed there.  Seriously this play is a dream 😀  I’ve only got a few of the games that we played, but now I will spam this space with all the photos that I look along with some captions!!!

Here is the sign for the Galloping Ghost Arcade ❤


Basically the place is for the most part divided by game genre. Here you can see most of the racing games.


This was the first game that we played. It’ was a racing game with an over the top view. Once we realized which cars we were, we did better! We were not lapped by the computer which I was greatly happy about 😀


This was the first fighting game that we played, and I kicked Nick’s butt on this game 😀 Apparently I cheat.


HAHA omg this game was so fun! I could play this game all day. I seriously LOVE arcade shooting games. But look that the graphics! I could enjoy and make fun of this game for days!!


The best area had to be the pinball area.  There are a total of 6 pinball stations, but there are signs on three of them.  THe third picture down has what the sign states, my only thought is either the game is in need of repairs or they just really dont want you playing those.

20150828_144926 20150828_144933 20150828_144939

Even in an arcade I can beat Nick in Mortal Kombat X as Cassie Cage xD


I got to play this gem while Nick was dominating elsewhere.


This is what Nick was playing for a good while, while I did some other things.  He loves playing Ms. Pac-Man.  As you can see he is sitting on a stool.  Around the place there are stools and you can tell which games that people plan on playing for hourssss!


I sucked sooooo much at Galaga lol


So I’ve realized after this game that I’m not really good at racing games haha


So, one of my favorite tv shows and movies is Stargate, so I had to play the game that had Stargate in the name!  Let’s just say that I’m not that great of a pilot and should not be anywhere near a spaceship.  Though this game was fun 😀


From a day of homework and being in traffic driving to this utopia.  We played our last game of NBA JAM and I got my rear end handed to me.  It is true, white girl does not have hops.


Alright so in tomorrow post I will go over the bar that we when to, more of the games we played, the awesome food that we ate.  Tomorrow is going to be a beast of a post! Also I was going to start a 30 day challenge but that will be postponed until tomorrow, where I will do a double post, since I decided to finish Once Upon A TIme instead, and OMG!!! Hope you enjoyed my post! Until next time <4