R.O.D.G.G.: Obsession

Playing video games can be a great way to escape, ranging from just wanting to waste time to just blowing off some steam after work.  For some it is an itch that they need to either get to the next level or discover the mystery or saving the damsel.  Video games can mean so much to each different person.

For me it’s that escape to another world where you can take everything into your own hands.  That’s probably why I like mostly gravitate towards RPG’s the most since they give the illusion of freedom on story line.  For some games I almost get this compulsiveness that I could literally play that game for hours without getting up for anything.  One of the first games that really got me this into it was Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.  I still remember getting that game at Christmas one year and playing that game non-stop for three days to finish it with my Dad and sister.  To this day it is still one of my best memories.  It’s no secret that I inherited my love for games from my father, it was always joked that he would buy video games for us (me and the seester) just so he could play it too.  It would seem that an obsession of video games is some what hereditary.  Another game that I received during my senior year of high school that got me obsessed was Persona 3.  That game is so obsessive.  There is so many different directions and choices to pick from ranging from what clubs to join to what people to socialize with.  That game literally have over 100 hours of gameplay.

It is no small secret that I am currently obsessed with the Bioware franchises: Dragon Age & Mass Effect.  I’ve played through both of those games many times and I have not become close to being sick of playing those games.  It might have to go with how there are literally hundreds of different ways to play the game.  Replay-ability, is a major factor for obsessiveness for single player games.  Multi-player games will always have that edge since its playing with other players.  So when a game has co-op for the main story, it also adds that something that is extra special.  I love being able to flow in a story with other people, it adds that extra magic that games have.

Video games for me will always be that escape that is rewarding when everything else is going wrong.  That is the cause for my obsession, the sense of being the one that has all the answers or the only one that can save everything.  It creates a sense that you belong and that you have a purpose, and that is a great way for anyone to feel.

Here are some random screenshots for you <4


The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

MassEffect3 2015-06-21 20-14-17-62

Mass Effect 3

MassEffect 2015-08-18 19-45-17-05

Mass Effect

DragonAge2 2015-07-11 15-05-35-01

Dragon Age II

Hope you enjoyed my post! Until next time <4


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