Trinket Tuesday (on Wednesday): Plush!!!!

Hello everyone!! Welcome to this week’s Trinket Tuesday!!! Yes, I know it’s Wednesday, but I was waiting for a certain item I wanted to share with you guys that came in the mail today.  As you guys know I have a side table of loot and it now it is covered with many plush and the all mighty Garrus.

Here is my Side Table of Loot now <4


I absolutely love each of my plush.  I’m going to need a larger side table soon it would seem.  Now it’s time to meet the team.

The Team

Alright, that’s not the correct team I’m referring to, though that lithograph can be found HERE! I will eventually make a post of my lithographs once I get them all and finally hang them all on the walls.

First here is Ser Growls-a-Lot.  He was my gateway drug into the wonderful realm of the plush ❤
They are currently out of stock at Bioware here. Though if you use your rogue skills you may be able to pick one up here.


Next we have the absolutely adorable nug named Squeakers.  You could probably guess why he’s named Squeakers. That’s right, this cute thing freaking squeaks!! They are currently out of stock in both locations, though you can add them to your wishlist here or here.


Next is the leader of the plush, my wonderful Barkspawn. He is very protective of Ser Growls-a-Lot and they like to chase after Squeakers, since the nug likes to steal their crunch bone. Get this protective Big Mabari here.


I was not expecting the Mudcrab to be this large, it is seriously as large as my head. Nick jokes that it’s a Headcrab lol. What is also awesome about this, is that you get a DLC code when you purchase this plush for an in-game Mudcrab pet in Elder Scrolls Online. Get the plush here!


Lastly, here is the reason that I postponed my post to today.  This monotone lovely is an Elcor from the Mass Effect franchise.  Not only is he adorable, he talks!!!! Look at him and all of his adorableness.  These just restocked on Bioware’s store today, get one here. Or you can get it from Sanshee here.  I was going to post a video of the Elcor speaking, but the audio got all funky, so see the commercial here!

I hope you all enjoyed my post today!! Until next time <4


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