Mods Monday: Nexus Mods

As you all know I absolutely love mods.  I’ve found that one of the best place to get mods is at Nexus Mods.  This is where I have found the majority of my mods.

Nexus Mods has a wide variety of games that they have mods for download.  The games that I have used the most for this is Dragon Age: Origins, Dragon Age 2, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, and of course the game made for mods, The Elders Scrolls V: Skyrim.  I believe the phrase is “mod it until it breaks” is very a live and well with that game. For Nexus mods, I think it is not required to have a subscription to download mods from the site, though that does limit the amount of mods and download sizes you are available to.  There are different levels of subscription; I personally did the one time purchase of the lifetime subscription.

One of my absolute favorite mods is Dahlialynn’s Alistair Epilogues – The Royal Wedding. Personally, I felt it was a very simple yet powerful way to conclude the love of my warden with her King in Dragon Age: Origins, since it is so freaking adorable!!!! >.<  Without further ado, I have some screen shots from that mod below.  If you are an Alistair fan like me and want this awesomeness, it can be downloaded here. Though due to the size a subscribe might be required.

2015-03-07_00061 2015-03-07_00082 2015-03-07_00091 2015-03-07_00106 2015-03-07_001152015-03-07_00120

Hope you all enjoyed my post! Until next time <4


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