Trinket Tuesday: Garrus <3

Hi again everyone!! So by now I would think you guys have caught on to how much I am obsessed with Garrus Vakarian. He is my absolute favorite character in the Mass Effect Franchise.  I first purchased a t-shirt and the vinyl pop that I posted on my side table of loot post here!  On top of those purchases I could not resist on having to get at 21 inch (1/4 scale) statue of him as well xD

*Note* I will now post many many pictures of Garrus in statue, vinyl pop, t-shirt, and screenshot forms, you have been warned 😀

Here is the glorious statue ❤

20150811_194046_resized 20150623_18484220150811_194100_resized

Here is the box art that the statue came in, I think it’s pretty neat (:


Adorable Vinyl Pop Garrus Warrus ❤ you can get one here!!


You can wear him too!!! Purchase one here!!!20150811_194305_resized

As a bonus here are some screenshots from Mass Effect 3 ❤MassEffect3 2015-07-26 19-23-39-02MassEffect3 2015-07-26 19-04-57-19MassEffect3 2015-07-26 00-13-30-49MassEffect3 2015-07-25 23-59-29-24 MassEffect3 2015-07-26 17-58-19-55

Here is my old banner that I made from Mass Effect 2 ❤
large_bannerHope you all enjoyed my post!! Until next time <4


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