Screenshot Sunday! #2

Hey everyone! Two days in a row! I’m slightly proud of myself. So I have more screenshots from Dragon Age 2. I love how this game seems to just not want to load in properly (:

Here you can see the floor and you can see some places that did not load in.DragonAge2 2015-07-12 15-42-31-67

Anders, Anders, Anders. This was my second play-through of Dragon Age 2, and I told myself I was going to romance some one different, since I romance Anders in my first play-through. So that did not happen. Here are some screenshots where you can literally see through Anders.

DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-50-24-00

DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-53-13-24

In the next three screenshots, Dragon Age 2 seemed to want to have the rainbow road, and buildings.

DragonAge2 2015-07-12 15-09-23-17 DragonAge2 2015-07-12 11-41-53-14 DragonAge2 2015-07-12 11-41-10-51

Lastly, we can see this fellow has a floating head (:

DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-24-47-39 DragonAge2 2015-07-25 16-24-14-01

For everyone here is a bonus video ❤

Hope you all enjoyed this post!! Until next time <4


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