Screenshot Sunday! #1

Hello everyone ­čśÇ Sterling is back and hopefully this time with a better game plan. ┬áI am hoping to keep this blog going and the way I think this can happen is with daily themes with alliteration. ┬áToday is the first Screenshot Sunday.

So I love taking screenshots when I play video games, just so I have something to look back at, almost like a mini memento for myself. This week I have started a new character in Dragon Age 2, after I downloaded some mods (will go over those tomorrow). Here she is! Meet Emma (:


One thing that I love about┬áDragon Age 2 is how it seems that certain textures or meshes either not load in property or they are missing. Sometime it just makes me giggle. So here are some of those screenshots. Enjoy!! Curious on your thoughts ­čśÇ
*Note* Might need to click on the images to be able to enjoy the graphic silliness ­čśÇ

DragonAge2 2015-07-11 13-11-41-69_sterlingkings
DragonAge2 2015-07-12 10-46-37-40sterlingkins
DragonAge2 2015-07-12 10-52-52-00sterlingkins
DragonAge2 2015-07-12 10-53-29-29sterlingkins

DragonAge2 2015-07-12 11-50-24-00sterlingkins