Side Table of Loot: Funko Pop Edition!!!

I have a side table next to my computer that has been collecting some of my loot I’ve either couldn’t help but to purchase or received through Loot Crate. There are are more items that I have that are not pictured on the side table, that I need to find a place for so I can

Loot Crate is a subscription service for geeks and gamers where they receive a box, that usually has a theme for the items that are included, this month’s theme is CYBER! Where it will include robots, androids, cyborgs, and the like with EXCLUSIVE items from Terminator Genisys, Borderlands 2, and more!
If you want to look to start a subscription follow this link ->

On this first Edition of the Side Table of Loot it will show close ups on the Funko Pops that I have (:

First here is my Side Table of Loot!!!


Here are a close up on the Funko Pops that I’ve purchased myself and links to where you can get them ❤

Here we have Garrus from the Mass Effect Franchise and Skips from The Regular Show.
If you have not played Mass Effect and know the adorableness of Garrus, please go play this game.  The story is absolutly amazing and how your choices affect that gameplay really gets you emered into it.
The Regular Show took me awhile to get into, but it is actually really enjoy able to watch. Skips is by far my favorite character, and everytime he walks I squeal since he skips and I can’t help myself.
Garrus –
Skips –

20150613_185402Here are the other two Funko pops that I own, one that was a gift (Daryl from The Walking Dead), and on that I received through Loot Crate (The Joker Batman – Batman).  All I have to say is Norman Reedus ❤ I will always refer to him from his role on, The Boondock Saints. Though, I have to admit he is the man in The Walking Dead.  Lastly we have The Joker Batman – Batman that I received from the past December Loot Crate. He is so creepily awesome ❤
Daryl –
The Joker Batman – Batman –

Let me know if you like this ❤


7 thoughts on “Side Table of Loot: Funko Pop Edition!!!

  1. I am completely addicted to Funko Pop. My Vikings set arrived last week and need a place to be displayed. Ikea has some great picture ledges (RIBBA they’re called) which are perfect for displaying Funko Pop! Happy collecting!

  2. I seriously dig all of those funko pops, especially the regular show one. I typically try to avoid binge watching shows, but I couldn’t help myself with that one. It is right in my wheelhouse as far as humor goes.

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